Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Story of Milk

Well there is no story of milk, there are only facts !
Milk, once regarded as an elixir has turned in to a white poison these days. Adulteration in milk doesn't surprise us anymore, somehow it has been accepted as a part of our destiny.
Long ago when milk was used not to be a commercial item, and when cattle rearing was not a business, there was no point of adulteration in the milk. Adulteration basically is a result of human greed which emanated post white-revolution. Apparently the evil concept of "More production, More Profit" ruined everything. Our journey with milk should be seen in different phases....
1. In first phase there was no business of milk, either families used to exchange it against some other goods or it was their own produce as most of people were having their own cattle at home.
2. In the second phase, when farmers were encouraged for more production and various cooperative dairies were being established, human greed played it's role and farmers started to add water to their milk for more volume and hence more money. It didn't stop here, rather it was just a beginning of adulteration in milk.

As the companies started to purchase milk on the basis of it's fat content, farmers started to add refined oil to increase fat content. Detergent is used to as an emulsifier in order to obtain stable emulsion. What we need to understand that milk is not just a chemical solution as described by modern dairy technocrats(terrorists) . Such notorious perception is created by education mafia to keep the public away from the Truth. As soon as you perceive milk as a chemical compound your conscience allows you for further experimentation on milk which ultimately leads to adulteration.
Once I asked a question to General Manager of one of a reputed dairy brand "will you pass the sample of milk if it satisfies all you parameters of fat, SNF, protein and RM strength, but there is no MILK in that solution", his reply was straight and simple "Yes" !
This phase is still going on and people are either forced to consume poisoned packaged milk or they are deliberately consuming such chemical solution in the name of milk due to it's cheaper prices.
3. Well the third phase is even more dangerous. People are fed up of adulteration and they are looking for purity in milk, our governments started to promote dairy farmers. They were given loans and various subsidies under government schemes for raising foreign or hybrid breeds of cows such as HF and Jersey. Sadly their milk is also not even worth calling "milk". As I said in the beginning , Milk is an elixir for us, but for westerners milk has never been that important part of their diet. Reason being, milk of foreign breed cows is A1 class of milk which is not suitable for human consumption. Most suitable milk for humans is A2 type of milk which is given by our indigenous breeds of cows such as Sahiwal, Belahi, Kakrej and many others. As soon as we woke up to this truth we observed that our indigenous cows have either been slaughtered or they are completely removed from our country through by crossing these breeds with foreign breeds. This realisation drives us in to fourth phase....
4. In this phase we have resorted to the same milk we used to consume during phase one, though the commercialization still remains intact. Many small dairy farmers are tying up with various online companies across India, which are not only making the people aware of harmful effects of A1 type of milk but also supplying A2 milk to these aware consumers. They are not only selling milk but also making efforts to protect and conserve our indigenous cows. After recent Jalikattu controversy, more people, groups and companies are coming forward for the same One such company is Chandigarh based company called ShopApni

The interesting part is that the same milk once we paid no prices for is now being sold at almost double prices than the regular(packaged/adulterated) milk. For example 80 Rs per ltr on

Who- is responsible for this? White revolution? Crooks like Verghese Courien? India Gandhi? USA? Or some other conspiracy? I reckon we ourselves are responsible for our plight and nobody else. 
Packaged milk is no less than slow poison, A1 milk also leads to various diseases in children as proven in recent studies. The only genuine milk in the world is milk of Indian cows. Alternate can be buffalo's milk , goat's milk in some cases and none other.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Indian History: An Alternate Angle

A rope can be mistaken as a snake. A snake is superimposed upon a rope due to our own inabilities to perceive the Truth.  When the veil of ignorance is removed, the snake disappears and we come to know it was just a rope. But what has happened? Has the object itself changed? No, only our perspectives are changed. Object is still the same. This is called, an alternate angle(not the mathematical one).

Same is applicable to our history. Same personalities and same events..... but an alternate vision to look at those things and events. 

"Once upon a time, there was a king" is an usual phrase all stories begin with in a normal course of storytelling.  Just like there is a hero in bollywood movies whom the entire script revolves around. Action lover audience sees the performance of the hero and art lovers peep in to the mind of the director, as they are more interested in what the directory is willing to convey.

So, there was a king called Indra, called Rama, called Dhritrashtra, called Chandragupta, called Prithviraj Chauhan, called Akbar and called Shahjahan. Heroes and villains. Good vs bad. Devas vs Asuras, Rama vs Ravana, Pandavas vs Kauravas and finally Sikhs vs Mughals. 

Wars, battles, violence, bloodshed, deceit, hatred, disloyalty, treachery .... this is what our history is composed of. It seems human race has never learned to live with peace. History is full of  grand expeditions by war mongers, hate mongers, power hungry, money hungry, violent and ruthless kings. So what we see in today's world is just the same exercise which human race has been indulged in since time immemorial.

So expecting a global peace is an utopia, if we could not maintain peace in our 5000(or more) old civilization, we will never be able to do so.

But the theory of alternate angle says it might be possible, that snake has been superimposed on a rope. It might be possible that our history is entirely different from what it has been projected by our historians. 

May be we need to change our perspectives to perceive the Truth. There IS a possibility that all these wars have a totally different meaning. 
As krishna said:

jitātmanaḥ praśāntasya
tathā mānāpamānayoḥ
For one who has conquered the mind, the Supersoul is already reached, for he has attained tranquillity. To such a man happiness and distress, heat and cold, honor and dishonor are all the same.

So we can say that same trend can be seen throughout the human history, the battles of similar nature, the good vs bad, Devas vs AsurasRam vs Ravan, Kaurava vs Pandavas and Sikhs vs Mughals...

We have also seen the history of Partha and Siddhartha... the Truth Seekers. 

Krishna, Lord Vishnu's incarnation persuaded Arjuna to fight for justice and imparted the knowledge of  "Oneness of Brahma" and after few centuries Vishnugupt raised Chandragupta for the same purpose but the idea was little different, which was Oneness of Rashtra(Akhanda Bharata). "Rasthra hi Brahma hai" is a slogan still used in RSS shakhas... 

For most of us, Ramayana and Mahabharata are just mythological stories and they never took place in reality. But they fail to draw the line of distinction between mythology and history. This "just a story" factor doesn't seem to work for them when it comes to Sikh-Mughal wars. it must be real history!!!  Because there are no flying monkeys, no one is there to lift a mountain on his finger, no miracles are there and it is quite recent, there are so many monuments as concrete evidences as well. 

Well, my position is, not only Deva-Asur SangraamRamayana and Mahbharata are mythologies, but Sikhs and Moghuls are also the "mythological" stories. 

Coming back to Rope-Snake analogy....

Vedanta says we mistake rope as a snake out of our ignorance. Means we consider this material world which we know through our 5 senses as the ultimate reality but it is mithya. It is also called "Avidya". All these things and events are manifestation of same reality called Brahma. One who yearns to known that Brahma is called Mumukshu. 

These are Sanskrit/Hindi terms, we are well versed with. But the language of North India(Indian Punjab/Pakistani Punjab) is heavily influenced by Persian and Urdu words. 

The ignorance or state of illusion is called "Mugalta" and it is a very commonly used word in local language of this region. 

 Shaheed Ansari says:

तुझको होगा ये मुग़ालता कि तू है कोई ,
मै देख पाया वजूद अपना, पर कहीं भी नहीं।

All theories which connect Mangolians with Mughals are absurd and ridiculous. 

So ignorance is mugalta and one who is in state of ignorance is called a Mugal(ignorant). All Mugal emperors are depicted on elephant which symbolises ego. 

How to conquer this ego? By gyaanam/education/shiksha ! Sikh means student of spiritual knowledge. As we say Jo seekhe wo sikh. One who conquers his ego is Sikh. All warriors who fought against Mughals are depicted on horse, like Shiva ji, Maharana Pratap and Sachhe Paatshah Guru Gobind SIngh ji. Arjuna was also on a chariot. 

Ravana had a luxurious lifestyle, so had Mugals. It symbolises the material pleasures we obtain from this illusory world. 

All these stories are symbolic and spiritual in nature, they teach us how to live our lives, how this material world delude us and how a Sikh(mumukshu) must counter that Mughal(ego/ignorance) which resides within all of us.

The first Sikh ever was Arjuna. 

Myth of Mughal Architecture 
Britishers were able to twist the history because Indians failed to respect and retain their spiritual heritage. Most of the devout religious Hindus do not have a basic understanding of religious philosophy. 
All our scriptures tell us that we are trapped in this material world and hence remain ignorant of the "Reality" of this world. 
And in order to explain this concept, they give example of Seeta who is deluded by a Golden Deer and ends up being captivated by a king of Golden City called Ravana. But we try to find Lanka on world map. Geographical Lanka is never going to help us understand what this story has actually conveyed. Even in Mahabharata this "trap" has been mentioned in the seven-door Chakravyuh created by Dronacharya.... so all of us are ignorant, or you can say, captivated in this relative world of never ending material desires and liberation is our motto...
The point is Shahjahan is also captivated/imprisoned by his own son, Aurangjeb. He is in deep grief because he has lost his lover and he is seeing the Taj Mahal through the reflection of Kohinoor which is mounted on the wall of Red-Fort of Agra. 
Both Shahjahan and Seeta are going through the similar pain as both are captivated and lost their lovers. 
Poems convey the message, they are not meant for telling us the history. 
Ancients used the naturally existing things like mountains, rivers, forests and bridges to establish these concepts so that they could be established in our memories for a long period of time, but as the economy grew these philosophical concepts were established in  the shape of monuments. As we know the infrastructure development is a best way to boost the economy. 
But conveying spiritual messages is not the only purpose of monuments. Architecture works on two cosmic principles, beauty and utility. And this art of architecture was known as "sthapatya kala" or art of establishment.... 


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Challenging the Beliefs: Cognitive Dissonance

Well, online debates and discussions have not only been good medium for exchange of information but also for the study of human behavioral patterns. 
We deal variety of people with variety of beliefs. Sometime we deal with the people who will argue against or comment “bullshit” on fact supported by concrete evidences and logical arguments. 
So why do people not only deny the facts but also feel the need to argue defending their disbelief? 
I think I am not alone in noticing that anyone speaking about world, national, or local problems tends to get less attention than those who are showering glory on whatever picture of utopia they happen to subscribe to, or whatever sport team they support. This is because sport teams and utopia do not tend to create "cognitive dissonance."
Really, dissonance is tied together with our desire to feel that we are right, that we make good decisions, that our actions reflect our values, and that our point of view is reliable
More precisely, cognitive dissonance is a psychological defense mechanism when your brain reacts defensively to new information which challenges or threatens your existing belief.  So, it is a feeling of an inner tension which is an outcome of our inner dialogue between two contradictory thoughts. 
So, this psychological discomfort motivates the person to try to reduce dissonance and to achieve consonance, moreover the person with dissonance actively avoids the situation and the information which threatens to increase the dissonance and in order to deal with such situation people with either try to ridicule the information or else they tend to appeal to the authority and seek the shelter of some renowned personality.
I would go further to say that in Mahabharata all what Krishna is doing that he is teaching Arjuna how to deal with cognitive dissonance and face the Truth.

When there was nothing....

When there was nothing....

What comes first in to your mind when you hear "When there was nothing"?......... Universe?
I am talking about money here(and a little bit of particle Physics.)...... ........So when there was no money... 
Only goods existed. And gradually people started trading goods with the goods. This is similar to the exchange of gravitons in the primitive universe.... these gravitons are interesting particles as they can play the role of both, the fermions and the bosons. For example you exchange your wheat with rice. so only goods are exchanged but there is no money or the value system involved in the transactions. 
Gradually the density of exchanges increases which increases the goods condensate (as people are starting to trade more and more goods) and the system undergoes a "phase transition" due to a symmetry breaking . As a result two particles emerge, bosons and fermions. It is just like the emergence of money and goods as separate entities This can be seen as exchange of energy with mass, i.e. money with goods and goods with money. So now due to the emergence of money and monetary system in the human society exchange density increases further because people can carry money more easily and hence they can trade more frequently. It explains both, the expansion of universe and the expansion of human society. The only thing to understand is that now high amount of value can be transferred to the larger distances. 
Gradually more people interact with each other and various civilizations come in to link with each other and start forming bonds(trade/marriage) with each other. So this another degree of condensation a hadronization of money occurs under evolution of more complex financial derivatives (stock exchange derivatives, swaps, forward rate agreements, etc.). 
From this point of view, formation of money and monetary economy evolution is just a repeating of the old well-tried practice of universe, not a human invention at all.
So the basic governing principles and the fundamental laws and processes which make this universe work, which makes universe what it is , are studied under various philosophical systems or school of thoughts.
Advaita Vedanta is one of those. 

Strategical Isolation: Seeking Identity

Our true identity is "Sat Chit Ananda Brahma". All other identities are mithya. Mithya identities are those which depend on others for their own existence. If there is no other, you can not identify yourself. We always identify ourselves with respect to others. Like identity of "father" depends on "son" and "son's" on his "father". These dependent identities are mithya.
In the past people were only following Natural laws which manifested as religious laws and social laws with social evolution. That is why Hinduism has never existed as a separate religion, but only Sanatan Dharma(Eternal Law of Cosmos) prevailed in BharataVarsha..
During jnanyuga in ancient India various cults and schools of thought came in to existence like Buddhism, Jainism, Vedanta, Yoga, Nyayaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya , Meemamsa and Sikhism
These various schools of thought led this country in different period of time. Their existence with distinguished identity was for a good cause. So that strategical isolation was for the betterment and welfare of Indian culture and society. But over the period of time there arose inner conflicts among these cults and those "disagreements" divided the whole Hindu societies due to which Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism isolated themselves with a separate religious tag. Due to these divisions among ourselves we lost our nation to foreign invaders.
Divisions do not seem to be halted until now...
Attitude of Arsh Vidya Gurukulam a leading schools of Advaita Vedanta reflect the same old behavior of "disagreeing" with other schools of thought and it seems they have an utmost desire to further divide the Hindu society. 

"My papa strongest"  and "My saree is whiter than yours" is the kind of attitude we see in commercial markets. In order to sell their product all companies try to prove their superiority over their other rivals in the market. 
This superiority complex makes you to disrespect others and which leads to hatred among them. 
I have seen advaitis not only disrespecting other beliefs but also they reject other schools of their own tradition. They keep their silence on anti-national elements and social service or showing respect for the nation is considered "not that important" in the holy pursuit of Brahmjnanam. 
They appear more like a political warfare groups rather than the spiritual organisations. Mocking epics, itihaasa and puranas is the basic trait of fake Advaitis who are more interested in seeking a separate identity rather than spread the word of wisdom. 
Isolation is always strategical? Do they have any kind of propaganda or a strategy? Or is it just their innocence due to lack of knowledge on the subject? 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Divisions & Politics !

God is smart ! He divides the world. In to devas and asuras or positives and negatives. 

Why does He divide? To RULE ! In order to rule, you HAVE to divide. The friction between the polar opposites creates the heat and He sets the temperature of the world. 

The political world is divided in to two parts. Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism. 

CIA funds the entire globe through two different organizations. (And now even the India RAW officers are confirming this)

Rothschild funds right wing and center-left parties like we have BJP and Congress who appear to be in favor of business corporations and favor capitalism, whereas Ford foundation funds Left wing parties, the trade union guys, who portray themselves against capitalism and propagate the idea of Communism worldwide.

All politicians are liars. India really needs to get rid of BJP and Congress both because at the core they are same. (Narendra Modi is RSS not BJP)

The actual problem with Kejriwal is that he receives funds from Ford Foundation and their idea is clear. They have already broken USSR and India is no longer united now. Ford foundation funded middle eastern unrest. 

The war which began from Afghanistan has engulfed, Afghanistan , Iraq, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and the wave has reached Vietnam and Ukraine...  and now it is surely touching the Indian shores. Arab spring started with the similar propaganda of anti corruption, same is true for Vietnam .........

So instead of criticizing Kejriwal we should rather focus on the ground reality, or the root of the problem. 

The only solution today we are left with is Modi and Modi alone.....

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Decoding the Secrets : Triveni Sangam

Nothing is secret actually, Truth is right here, right now. 

But ancient wisdom has been coded in the way that it could remain available to the people even after thousands of years of it's revelation to great ancient mystics of the world. 

They have coded in the things which are a) naturally found on earth, b) metaphorical stories and c) architect(temples and monuments)

Ever wondered what is so sacred about the meeting point of three rivers, like we have "Triveni Sangam" at Prayag? After all, it is just a natural occurrence and can be taken for granted. Why do we give so much respect to a river? Even if water of Ganges has a medicinal value, still what is so "holy" about the Ganges? 

Same question goes for Kaaba? It is just a stone. Why is Nataraja a "LORD", if it is just an ordinary guy waving his arms and legs somewhere in the Himalayas? 
No doubt rivers give vegetation to the region they pass through, and we must show our "gratitude" towards these rivers which make life possible in different forms. Yet there is nothing "holy" about them.
We have two subtle channels or "naadis" which are coiled together like serpents around our spine and they carry life force energy ((like rivers carry life force energy for vegetation)) called "Prana"  in Sanskrit and "Chi" in Chinese traditions. There is another naadi called Shushumna which runs through the center of the spine and remains invisible until it meets the meeting points of ida and pingala which is located between our eyebrows. All yogic kriyas or breathing exrcises including pranayam are meant to activate the "Shushumna" naadi which awakens the "Third Eye" of wisdom and Yogi becomes one with the supreme and attains Moksha. 

Ganga and Yamuna are representation Ida and Pingala and Saraswati which is an "invisible(mythical) river is said to meet at Prayaag with Ganga and Yamuna and this adds sacredness to this point and the place becomes of great religious value. 
The same is true for a city called "Varanasi" which literally means "Beyond Nostrils", vara means beyond and nasi means nostrils. So it again correspond to the same point called "Third Eye" in human body. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rotting Corpses of Religions !

Subtle but very significant relation is there between Religion and Politics. Just like the relation between you and your image. In modern times we have lost the ability to distinguish between the two, because politics has overpowered religion in the dark age.  
Politics is mundane, politicians are supposed to be the servants of people but in fact they rule over us, whereas Religion is sacred, it's purpose is our spiritual growth, it asks for the inward journey, a journey within our subconscious where our Sanskaras(nature) are rooted, where we are in our true  form with our true nature. Subconscious mind is the land where we are supposed to be at war with our self, so that we could recognize what actually we are , what is the purpose of life and how can we serve the humanity in better ways. Religion asks us to become the King of our own kingdom, where we live as an individual. That is our mind. One who is free from all desires is the real king. 
On the contrary, politics is absolutely a different thing, politicians want us to see as the slaves, politics has been a curse, a calamity, and whatsoever is ugly in the world and in humanity, politics is responsible for. Political approach is exactly opposite to that of a religion. Religion makes us king, politics enslaves humanity. The best tool which fulfills the motives of politicians is religion itself. 
There is no religion left on the earth, it has died. All what we are doing in the name of religion is that we are celebrating few festivals on the corpses of Krishna, Muhammad, Jesus and Nanak. We need to stop this drama. I bet if all religious places of all religions are demolished in the world, the first thing to disappear from the face of earth will be politics and politicians, and then only the True Religion would emerge out which will make us the master of our own kingdom.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Other Side of the Universe

Few thousand years ago, two friends, Aamir and Mustafa, were sitting in a desert. They were looking towards the horizon and were too curious to witness that very place where sky meets the earth. Eventually they decide to find the horizon.

They decided to move in the opposite directions to find the horizon, where sky coincides with the earth.
After a long journey, for several days, both friends meet once again, facing towards each other, but never discovering the horizon. Since they used to think that earth is flat, they were stunned to see each other on the opposite side of the globe.

After thinking a lot, finally they arrive at the conclusion that he earth is not flat, rather round in shape.

Human mind is well capable of understanding the 3D world.

Now if we perform the same experiment in the 4D universe.

Let us assume that few friends start their journey to find the edge of the universe and they travel in all possible directions.

In this case, our mind doesn’t allow us to imagine that these friends would finally meet at a point without ever discovering the edge of this infinite universe. The universe is infinite only because while it is expanding it is contracting at the same time. Thus, there is no edge of the universe.

Aamir and Mustafa when departed they  must have thought that they are moving away from each other but in fact they were moving toward each other at the same time which due to their little knowledge they were unable to realise at that time.

Similarly, Hubble telescope has confirmed that universe is expanding and  the galaxies which are showing the red shift are moving away from us, but in fact just like Aamir and Mustafa they are moving towards each other at the same time and would converge at a common point.

The universe is said to have popped out from a tiny dot, in all possible directions and is destined to crunch to it’s original state.

The point of convergence of all probabilities is known as Singularity as proposed by Sir Stephen Hawking and Sir Roger Penrose.

Just like our tongue doesn’t experience it’s own taste, our eyes can not see themselves , our mind too is incapable of understanding it own four dimensional nature and same is the case with our SELF which is always covered with ignorance.

The journey to explore the entire universe is practically impossible and remains an inference for the time being.

The universe we perceive with our five senses is manifestation of one supreme reality which we know as Brahm in Indian philosophy. Universe is nothing but the superimposition of probability patterns which we project in our mind. The question is who is the observer of this universe. In other words who am I or what the "Self" is.

Self projects the world in our mind. We need to contemplate on the SELF and start exploring our mind, to know, who we are.

In other words, we need to make a spiritual journey to illuminate the dark unconscious portion of our mind, so that we could meet our SELF on the other side of the universe, within !

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rope Towards the Brightest Star

One of my friend completed 25 years of his life today, but as we know uncertainly prevails and where he will find him in next 25 years is absolutely uncertain. There are infinite number of possibilities exist and each possibility has it’s own universe.
There is a possibility he becomes the President of USA and there is also a possibility he is struggling to arrange his bread and butter for his livelihood. Though the intensity of both these possibilities is pretty dim and hence exist far away and seem to be unachievable to us.
But there are bright possibilities as well, that he lives and enjoys a well settled and healthy life with his friends and family..

As a matter of fact he exists in all universes simultaneously with different ages and with different probability values, and the theory of 11 D confirms this hypothesis. He is merely a stationary observer in this universe, and he is drawing the brightest possibilities towards himself from the universe. What he encounters in his life becomes certain only when he experiences and that very moment is known as “Present”. My friend is already the president of USA in future and  in some other universe, though with a very dim possibility or with a very low probability value and hence the distance to meet that event is too far.

In other words we can say, only “Present” is certain, rest is all twinkling with different intensity of light, with the different probability values.

We exist in multiverse and parallel universes at one time, with different ages, but nowhere with certainty, our each and every moment is prewritten but it’s we who choose one option out of these infinite. We do not have to become something, we are already everything in different dimensions of the universe, we are just supposed to make it possible.

Physics is such a weird subject, if we are the stationary observers then the universe is moving towards us and we observe it flowing away from us in the outer world.

We can conclude here that we are capable of intensifying the dim possibilities with our will power to make them shine brighter and stronger in our lives. No one, but we are the master of our own destinies.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
The Alchemist
- Paulo Coelho

Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted to you by virtue of the images you're holding in your mind. It's what you're thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.
The Secret
-Rhonda Byrne

The world which we perceive with our senses is nothing but the superimposition of various probability patterns.
-Vikas Sharma