Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Other Side of the Universe

Few thousand years ago, two friends, Aamir and Mustafa, were sitting in a desert. They were looking towards the horizon and were too curious to witness that very place where sky meets the earth. Eventually they decide to find the horizon.

They decided to move in the opposite directions to find the horizon, where sky coincides with the earth.
After a long journey, for several days, both friends meet once again, facing towards each other, but never discovering the horizon. Since they used to think that earth is flat, they were stunned to see each other on the opposite side of the globe.

After thinking a lot, finally they arrive at the conclusion that he earth is not flat, rather round in shape.

Human mind is well capable of understanding the 3D world.

Now if we perform the same experiment in the 4D universe.

Let us assume that few friends start their journey to find the edge of the universe and they travel in all possible directions.

In this case, our mind doesn’t allow us to imagine that these friends would finally meet at a point without ever discovering the edge of this infinite universe. The universe is infinite only because while it is expanding it is contracting at the same time. Thus, there is no edge of the universe.

Aamir and Mustafa when departed they  must have thought that they are moving away from each other but in fact they were moving toward each other at the same time which due to their little knowledge they were unable to realise at that time.

Similarly, Hubble telescope has confirmed that universe is expanding and  the galaxies which are showing the red shift are moving away from us, but in fact just like Aamir and Mustafa they are moving towards each other at the same time and would converge at a common point.

The universe is said to have popped out from a tiny dot, in all possible directions and is destined to crunch to it’s original state.

The point of convergence of all probabilities is known as Singularity as proposed by Sir Stephen Hawking and Sir Roger Penrose.

Just like our tongue doesn’t experience it’s own taste, our eyes can not see themselves , our mind too is incapable of understanding it own four dimensional nature and same is the case with our SELF which is always covered with ignorance.

The journey to explore the entire universe is practically impossible and remains an inference for the time being.

The universe we perceive with our five senses is manifestation of one supreme reality which we know as Brahm in Indian philosophy. Universe is nothing but the superimposition of probability patterns which we project in our mind. The question is who is the observer of this universe. In other words who am I or what the "Self" is.

Self projects the world in our mind. We need to contemplate on the SELF and start exploring our mind, to know, who we are.

In other words, we need to make a spiritual journey to illuminate the dark unconscious portion of our mind, so that we could meet our SELF on the other side of the universe, within !


  1. hey what is nice in that? I was just kidding ! :P

  2. "In your analogy you are giving the examples of one or more friends, whereas in your conclusion only self is the participator. Have you done it deliberately or is it your ignorance"?

  3. In the first example, two friends are our material and spiritual perceptions which are opposite in nature.
    In the second example number of probabilities suggest our various personalities which finally converge on our SELF.
    I hope I am clear. Thanks & Regards !