Friday, March 28, 2014

Divisions & Politics !

God is smart ! He divides the world. In to devas and asuras or positives and negatives. 

Why does He divide? To RULE ! In order to rule, you HAVE to divide. The friction between the polar opposites creates the heat and He sets the temperature of the world. 

The political world is divided in to two parts. Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism. 

CIA funds the entire globe through two different organizations. (And now even the India RAW officers are confirming this)

Rothschild funds right wing and center-left parties like we have BJP and Congress who appear to be in favor of business corporations and favor capitalism, whereas Ford foundation funds Left wing parties, the trade union guys, who portray themselves against capitalism and propagate the idea of Communism worldwide.

All politicians are liars. India really needs to get rid of BJP and Congress both because at the core they are same. (Narendra Modi is RSS not BJP)

The actual problem with Kejriwal is that he receives funds from Ford Foundation and their idea is clear. They have already broken USSR and India is no longer united now. Ford foundation funded middle eastern unrest. 

The war which began from Afghanistan has engulfed, Afghanistan , Iraq, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and the wave has reached Vietnam and Ukraine...  and now it is surely touching the Indian shores. Arab spring started with the similar propaganda of anti corruption, same is true for Vietnam .........

So instead of criticizing Kejriwal we should rather focus on the ground reality, or the root of the problem. 

The only solution today we are left with is Modi and Modi alone.....


  1. You criticized Modi in the post and ended up favoring Modi through conclusion?

  2. I like your articulation, though I many not agree with your views fully.